Del Lyell

Imperial Lieutenant, Jyrenne Base, Onderon


Del Lyell is an undistinguished lieutenant in the Imperial Army. He (correctly) believes he was stationed at Jyrenne Base because he has no patron within the service, and nobody thinks he is destined for any particular greatness.
Del is of average appearance, but is not particularly socially skilled. He is often clingy and needy in regards to anybody he considers a friend, which results in him being described as creepy and perhaps even threatening.
He has formed strong romantic feelings for Talia Zay’en, but his affections are not requited. Because she was a bit flirty with him once, he is utterly blind to the fact that she is not actually interested in him. Several surreptitiously-taken photos of her, taken while she was dropping off a load of (sabotaged) weapons at Jyrenne base, adorn his personal quarters.


Del Lyell

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