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Star Wars dates are a mess. There are something like eleventy dozen different calendar systems, and they are not consistent. The number of days, the number of months, and so on all vary. Based on a compilation of some of those systems, here is how we’ll do it:

For our own ease, 60 seconds equals one minute, 60 minutes equals one hour, and 24 hours equals one day.

The year is based on the Great Resynchronization, which took place approximately 35 years ago.

There are 12 months of either 30 or 31 days, for a total of 368 days. We aren’t going to mess with names for the months or impose weeks on the calendar. Work weeks will be immaterial to the characters anyway, and NPCs will be on duty or off duty as best fits the story. So let’s just assume that in a society as mixed as we are dealing with, people celebrate whatever holidays are appropriate to them and their location, and the Galactic Standard Calendar doesn’t care.

The number of days in the different months work this way: Months 2,5,8, and 11 have 30 days each. The others have 31. So:
1 – 31
2 – 30
3 – 31
4 – 31
5 – 30
6 – 31
7 – 31
8 – 30
9 – 31
10 – 31
11 – 30
12 – 31

Date convention is Year:Month:Day. For example, the opening adventure of the campaign begins on 35:11:29

For the most part, dates won’t matter, except to help us keep things straight in the Timeline.


Characters will be built from any of the rulebooks or supplements listed in Abbreviations and Terms. See also: Races and Professions.
All characters, regardless of which system they are built under will have both Obligation and Duty.

Main Page

Campaign Primer

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