You are part of the Rebel Alliance

Proving grounds

The characters were given a mission to board an Imperial freighter and rescue a cargo module full of suspected high-value prisoners. While there they were encouraged to secure any useful supplies they could, and do as much damage to the Imperial cause as possible.

Talia was disguised as an Imperial Navy petty officer, while Bez and Jose were made up with body paint and put in guard uniforms with helmets to hide their eyes. Numa, Driggs, Xzara, and Sildrek posed as prisoners.

Upon boarding the ship, the characters were able to bluff their way past the loading bay deck officer and get a small repulsorlift personnel transport sled. As soon as they were out of general view, they overpowered their driver, bound and gagged him, and stuffed him in a cargo container full of Space Froot Loops. They proceeded on into one of the three main transfer passages, where they took a quick detour to hack into the ship’s computer system and pull schematics on the cargo module. They also managed to determine the prisoner module was guarded by a supervisor and seven monitors in a central monitoring center.

They detained and sliced a mouse droid, secreting a timed Detonite charge in its shell. Then they sent it up to the guard post, and timed their own arrival to be just after the droid exploded. Unfotunately, they missed the timing and took some minor concussion damage through the just-opening turbolift doors. The group attacked the remaining guards, but a lucky shot by one of the guards closed the turbolift doors, trapping most of the heroes inside. Several frantic attempts at opening the door followed, and the party was eventually able to open the doors and engage and dispatch the guards.

Once the guards were taken care of, Talia and Bez headed back to the loading bay. Bez returned to the Lambda-class shuttle the heroes had arrived in, while Talia headed for a reddish-brown YT-1300 she had noticed on arrival. While Bez configured the portable hyperdrive to be attached to the prisoner module, Talia was spotted by a deckhand and told that the crew was not on board the YT. She failed in her attempt to bluff her way past the crewman, so while he was calling for help, she simply bolted aboard the ship, fired up the engines (which were fortuitously left warmed-up), and roared out of the hanger. Hearing the ruckus (no, I can not describe the ruckus), Bez went forward and casually flew out of the bay.

Meanwhile, the remaining heroes sliced into the ship’s systems, and were able to locate a cargo manifest, as well as tap in to the shipboard surveillance system. With they exception of Jose, they snuck over to an adjacent cargo module and located a crate of blaster rifles and two crates of Corellian brandy. Driggs sliced into the cargo module’s control system and set it to detach shortly after the ship was scheduled to go into hyperdrive, which would destroy the ship.

On the way back to the prison module, the characters ran into several guards who were mobilized in response to Talia stealing the Krayt Fang. After a short firefight, they made their way back to the prisoner module and detached just before the freighter entered hyperspace. Bez flew past and remotely attached the portable hyperdrive module, and Talia returned, connected the Krayt Fang to the prisoner module and took the remaining heroes aboard. Minutes later, the portable hyperdrive engaged, taking the prisoners to a pre-programmed destination unknown to the heroes.

The heroes returned, victorious, to the Alliance base on Onderon.

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