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The Arcona are scaleless reptiles with humanoid bodies. They have flat, anvil-shaped heads, sharp claws, clear, marble-like eyes, and thick, protective skin that ranges in tone from olive to ebony. Cona, the native planet of the Arcona, is hot, with very little water, and an atmosphere filled with ammonia vapor. The Arcona adapted to this environment by eating the ammonia-converting roots of the complex flora of Cona as a source of water (the only water planet-wide). The Arcona depend on the ammonia to live and, as a result, Arcona living offworld have to take ammonia supplements or risk death.

Despite their bulbous eyes, the Arcona have very poor eyesight. Their eyes do not have fine resolution as they are made up of thousands of tiny photoreceptors like to an insect. To aid their poor eyesight, the Arcona have a small diamond-shaped sensory organ between their eyes. Often mistaken for their nose, this organ detects heat patterns from living beings. Thus, the Arcona can recognize someone or something by its heat pattern. Like many reptiles, the Arcona have olfactory organs located in their ever moving tongues. This helps them distinguish objects in their environment that they otherwise could not make out and also gives them a keen sense of smell.

Arcona normally think of themselves not as individuals but as a collective whole. Largely foresaking individuality they often refer to themselves as “we” even when alone. The Arcona live in loose, family-based communities called nests, which are ruled by a Grand Nest. Because Arcona are born in nests underground in close quarters with brothers and sisters, they obtain a close sense of family.

The language of the Arcona is Arconese, which comes from their home planet of Cona. However, on off-world colonies, Arcona young are rarely taught Arconese, as they can learn Basic easily. Arcona females are considered far more reckless and free-spirited than their male counterparts, and so the males usually raise the children. Arcona take much time courting a partner, and the commitment to marry is also a commitment to parent.

Arcona are highly susceptible to salt addiction, which serves as an intoxicant and hallucinogen. Their eyes shift from green to gold after prolonged addiction. Because of the large number of addicts, many people believed that the natural Arcona eye color is gold.

Playable Race ( EotE:FH):
Brawn: 1
Agility: 2
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 3
Presence: 2
Wound Threshold: 10+Brawn
Strain Threshold: 10+Willpower
Starting Experience: 100XP
Special Abilities: Begin the game with one rank in Vigilance. Remove one Setback die imposed due to hot or arid conditions. Add 1 Advantage to any Charm or Negotiation check.

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