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Chevin are bipedal pachydermoid sentients native to the planet Vinsoth. They have a poor reputation in much of the galaxy, partly due to their involvement in unsavory activities such as smuggling, and partly because they enslave the Chevs, a humanoid species who share Vinsoth with them.

Beginning as simple hunters and gatherers, the Chevin went on to conquer the Chev settlements and extend their nomadic civilization to dominate their homeworld. Vinsoth is rich in food and plant cover, and was eventually visited by offworlders seeking covert bases and food supplies. The Chevin soon gained galactic-level technology through trade, eventually manufacturing their own sophisticated weapons and vehicles. Though their technology was mostly acquired from offworld sources, they reverse-engineered products like starships in order to produce their own designs. Chevin starships are noted for their spacious cargo bays, roomy cabins, and large crews. Most of their technical advances go toward keeping their slaves in line and ensuring the continued domination of their homeworld.

The Chevin see themselves as opportunistic realists interested in self-safety. Their culture values the acquisition of power, wealth, and status by any means necessary. Most Chevin prefer to meet their goals through intrigue and subterfuge, letting others fight for them when necessary. They are calm and even-tempered if treated with respect, but quick to become bullies if angered, and retaliate if slighted or cheated.

Offworld Chevin are often involved in unsavory, semi-legal, or criminal enterprises such as gun-running, the slave trade, and the black market. This results in a poor reputation among other species. Many Chevin on Vinsoth export Chev slaves, foodstuffs (such as fruit, nuts, and backshin meat), and import high technology items. Others are peaceful, hardworking technicians, working for more aggressive Chevin.

Most Chevin support the Empire, and many prominent Chevin have ties to Imperial officers. They see the Empire’s need for slavery-related devices as good for business, and therefore good in general. The pro-Empire Chevin dictators are able to keep order, so the Empire generally stays out of Vinsoth’s internal affairs. A minority of Chevin, however, are disenchanted with Chevin culture and its reliance on slavery. Some of them join with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and are often hunted by other Chevin as a result.

Playable Race ( EotE:FH):
Brawn: 3
Agility: 1
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 3
Willpower: 2
Presence: 1
Wound Threshold: 11+Brawn
Strain Threshold: 11+Willpower
Starting Experience: 80XP
Special Abilities: Begin the game with one rank in Negotiation and one rank in the Durable talent. Add one Boost die to Perception checks involving smell.

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