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The Chiss are tall, blue-skinned near-Humans from the planet Csilla in the Unknown Regions. Due to the remote position of their home territory they remain largely an enigma to the rest of the galaxy, and contact with outsiders is limited. However, genetic analysis indicates they are an offshoot of humanity, and it is believed that moving underground led to the divergence between them and baseline Humans.

Their blue skin, jet black hair and red eyes generally command attention in a crowd of regular humanoids, and these features make them physically striking and instantly recognizable. Chiss tend to be more powerfully built when compared to Humans but exhibit the same variances as Humanoid sexes. Adults range between 1.6 and 2.1 meters in height, though an average height is believed to be 1.7 meters.

The impression held by the galaxy is that the Chiss are arrogant, aloof and calculating beings. While this is true in some cases, the Chiss demonstrate varying personality types similar to other species. General traits, however, are being well-educated, artistic, and cautious when dealing with outsiders. Outsiders have the general impression that the Chiss are a very polite and highly civilized species. They are generally respected and, in some cases, feared.

The harsh cold conditions of Csilla led to the Chiss developing a self-reliant streak which is the core of their notoriously aloof personalities. Outsiders often characterize them as being cold as the ice plains of their home world. As a people, they are intelligent and value their privacy highly. They are described as being pensive as well as contemplative, deliberate and calculating. They often study situations from many different viewpoints, and consider all alternatives, even considering scenarios of what would have happened if they had made different decisions. In combat situations, Chiss act calmly and intelligently, and form well-planned strategies. Chiss do not give themselves over to passion, but view problems as curiosities that need to be solved through rigorous application of brainpower. They often display a cold, arrogant, and disciplined behavior, but their actions are not necessarily impartial as most are motivated by the pursuit of power.

In general, they live a harsh but disciplined life style where self control and propriety are the most valued character traits. Passions are recognized, but with disdain as such energy is believed to be better applied elsewhere. Their regimented society abhors crime and sees it as the weakness of an individual. Blaming society for criminal behavior is completely alien to their mindset and justice is given with little thought to compassion. However, the Chiss do not believe in capital punishment as they recognize it as being an irrational, emotionally driven reaction instead of being a true deterrent. Instead, the greatest punishment they give is exile. Due to the great importance of family loyalty existing in their culture, exile is considered a grave punishment for any Chiss to face.

Playable Race ( EotE:EtU):
Brawn: 2
Agility: 2
Intellect: 3
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 2
Presence: 1
Wound Threshold: 10+Brawn
Strain Threshold: 10+Willpower
Starting Experience: 100XP
Special Abilities: Begin the game with one rank in Cool. Remove up to one Setback die imposed due to lighting conditions.

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