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Main Page

The campaign is run using the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars rules. It is listed on Obsidian Portal as using the Edge of the Empire rules, because that allows us to use an existing cascading style sheet for character sheets, but it also uses the Age of Rebellion rules.

The characters in the game are a mix of members of the Rebel Alliance, and more fringe-type characters with some ties to the Rebellion.

Topics within the wiki include:

Campaign Primer – Out of continuity, real-world discussion of the campaign

Abbreviations and Terms
Ships and Vehicles

Feel free to update wiki pages with any canon or semi-canon Star Wars content that is accurate to 0ABY.

Before editing, please read the instructions on editing the wiki below, and also read the Wiki Conventions page for how we will keep things consistent within the wiki. The instructions are unedited from what Obsidian Portal provides.

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Main Page

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